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Mobile Portal Monitor

MPM: Mobile device for sorting metal waste after detection of its increased radioactivity Project OPKZP-PO1-SC111-2016-16 Based on previous experience, the project deals with the further expansion of the monitoring network for certified measurements of the radioactivity of shipments with scrap metal using new mobile devices for sorting metal waste after detecting their increased radioactivity. The …

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Stationary portal monitors

SPM: Devices for certified measurements of radioactivity of shipments with iron scrap at the end point of recovery of metal waste Project OPKZP-PO1-SC111-2016-16 The project was created in February 2011 with the aim of ensuring the technically and professionally competent operation of monitoring equipment for the purpose of controlling unauthorized trade in radioactive material, controlling …

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Advanced Spectroscopic Portals

ASP: Technological solutions for monitoring of illicit trafficking of nuclear, radioactive and other dangerous materials as an innovative and efficient protection of urban critical infrastructures. Project Horizon 2020 The project is elaborated on the basis of our business plan in the field of European Framework programme for Research and Innovation 2014-2020 of Horizon 2020. In …

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