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Mobile Portal Monitor

MPM: Mobile device for sorting metal waste after detection of its increased radioactivity

Project OPKZP-PO1-SC111-2016-16

Based on previous experience, the project deals with the further expansion of the monitoring network for certified measurements of the radioactivity of shipments with scrap metal using new mobile devices for sorting metal waste after detecting their increased radioactivity. The sorting device will be used after detection of an increased level of radioactivity of scrap metal at existing monitoring sites or in places where stationary portal monitor (SPM) are currently located to detect an increased level of radioactivity of scrap metal. At the same time, additional mobile portal monitor (MMB) will be established, which will be used in places as needed so that it is possible to check and then sort out, if necessary, the largest possible amount of scrap metal.

The main goal is the establishment of a new mobile device for sorting metal scrap in case of detection of its increased level of radioactivity and the procurement of new portable technologies in order to expand the possibilities of monitoring metal scrap at the end point of its recovery.

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