METRA s.r.o.

Monitoring radioactivity in transport

The main activity of the company is the design, engineering and implementation of monitoring equipment for radioactivity control, mainly in the field of road, rail, air and ship transport.


How does it work

Our technology uses spectral analysis based on innovative whole-spectrum processing of measured data, which are acquired by specialized plastic or crystalline scintillation detectors. This method allows us to produce accurate and reliable spectrum analysis outputs and is very useful in a variety of areas such as trucks and cars, pedestrians, luggage, parcels and letter shipments.

Railway transport

Radioactivity monitoring of transport objects on the railway (railway wagons) is carried out using stationary monitoring portals (SMP). METRA currently has SMP devices installed in the following railway stations of the Slovak Republic:
Bratislava – East, Žilina – Teplička, Nové Zámky, Zvolen, Banská Bystrica and Košice.

As these are important railway junctions, advanced spectrometric devices of the ASP class (Advanced Spectroscopy Portal) are required in this case, which allow for quantitative as well as qualitative identification of nuclides (NID). The operation of SMB on the railway allows, above all, to ensure the certified monitoring of shipments with scrap metal, which is currently required by the EU regulation.

Road transport

Radioactivity monitoring of transport objects (trucks) in road transport is very often carried out using portable or mobile monitoring portals (MMP). Since this monitoring primarily deals with illicit trade in nuclear materials, radioactive substances and other dangerous materials, technological solutions based on the innovative ASP (Advanced Spectroscopy Portal) methodology are also preferred here. MMPs enable the effective control of shipments of metal waste that is transported by road transport, but also other waste that is processed in incinerators or other waste processing facilities.

Air transport

In air transport, in addition to SMB and MMB, for monitoring the radioactivity of air cargo (air containers) there are used smaller monitoring devices such as stationary monitoring frames (SMF) for monitoring the radioactivity of passengers, personal, hand-on and cabin luggage and as well as manual measuring devices (spectrometers and dosemeters) for personal inspection of objects. Analogously, stationary monitoring frames and boxes are also very suitable for monitoring the radioactivity of postal shipments and packages, as well as the courier parcel service.

Ship transportation

Monitoring of goods transported by shipping (ships) is usually carried out at shipping ports where the goods are loaded or unloaded. Radioactivity monitoring of loaded goods is mostly carried out using SMPs, which are monitoring the transportation objects arriving/departing from the port (wagons, trucks). In some cases, it is also possible to monitor ships directly using multi-detector systems based on SMP, if favorable conditions are created for this (river bridges, ship chambers, water channels, etc.)
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