METRA s.r.o.

About Us

METRA, s.r.o. was established in February 2011 to provide technically and professionally competent operation of monitoring equipment for radiation protection purposes.

The main activity of the company is the design, engineering and implementation of monitoring equipment for radioactivity control, mainly in the field of road, rail, air and ship transport.

The company’s professional staff has many years of experience in the field of research on detection and evaluation of ionizing radiation and in the field of gamma-ray spectrometry and dosimetry. They are the origin of several unique technological and methodological procedures, such as the full-spectrum method for processing gamma-ray spectra, spectral dosimeter based on solid-phase detectors, plastic scintillation spectrometer, etc.

For this reason, the main priority of our company is not only the purchase, installation and operation of traditional commercial equipment, but especially the technical design and engineering of highly specialized unique multifunctional systems for monitoring radioactivity with minimal traffic restrictions. The equipment used is metrologically verified and regularly calibrated. The actual operation is carried out by the company through persons with professional competence and on the basis of a permit issued by the the Ministry of Transport of Slovak Republic.

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