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There was a wagon with radioactive scrap at the station

Andrej Barát, Pravda | 29 September 2011 6:00

A carriage with radioactive radiation was uncovered by railway workers at the station in Kozárovce, where it had been standing since Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, the site was taped off all day and guarded by railway police. Most of the residents were unaware of anything.

According to preliminary findings, there was no life-threatening radiation. Its source was a small object in an iron scrap. According to its owner, it had been sent from an ordinary iron buyer from Nové Město nad Váhom to Banská Bystrica. It arrived at the station in Kozárovce on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday, after about 24 hours, an inspection from the Public Health Office came to check it.

Text to the photo: The wagon parked at the station in Kozárovce contained a barrel in which higher levels of radioactivity were measured.

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